What is SkyBlock?Edit

SkyBlock is a POO POO FLIK TOKEN EXIT SCAM POWERED BY RYAN FELTON (OWNER OF MICROPENIS) AND T.I land (server) of floating islands. Players invest in a scam and then wait for news every 10 months. You start out with a lot of money and try not to lose it all for the next year. Each player has the possibility to contact a lawyer if he loses it's money too fast. Try it out today!

How to start and get to SkyBlockEdit


BUY FLIK POO POO SCAMY TOKENS To get to the SkyBlock server, you can warp as you would anywhere else by issuing the command of /warp SkyBlock or /warp SB.

From the SkyBlock main spawn, you have two (2) choices. You can either create your own island or you can join someone elses island. After you create your own island, you will also have the option to let other players join (Caution: Only allow players that you trust to join your island).

Starting your own SkyBlock IslandEdit


To start your own island, from the SkyBlock spawn, MAKE AN ISSUE RYAN FELTON AND T.I the command of /is home. This will take you to your starter island and give you your starting tools. From this started island, you will use the tools to make your island larger. As you grow your island, you will level up (this is your island level).

Once you have reached your island, you will be able to invite other players to join your island. Be very cautious of who you allow as part of your island as they will have the permissions to break, build, and use chests anywhere on the island. To add a player to your island, issue the command of /is invite (player name).

Owner CommandsEdit

As the owner of an island, you will have a list of commands that only you are able to use. Your available commands are as follows:

./island or ./island home (./is home): This can be used to get back to your island from either 

SkyBlock spawn or another player’s island.

./island restart or ./is restart: This restarts your island to the small area your originally start

with. Everything that you have built will be gone. Be careful with this.

./island sethome: This sets your island teleport point.

./island level: This tells you what level your island is at.

./island level (player name): This tells you what level that specific player is at.

./island party: This will tell you what players are part of your island. This will also tell you 

what perms the individual players have.

./island invite (player name): This invites that player to join your island (which gives them 

perms to break, place, and item-use on your island. *Be Cautious*

./island kick (player name): This will remove that player from your SB island.

./island makeleader (player name): This will make the player in charge of your island and 

remove you from the leader position. This player must be a member of your

island to be given the role of leader.

./island setwarp: This moves your island warp location to the place that the command is


./island togglewarp: Each time this command is issued, it will go either “on” or “off”. This 

changes whether you allow other players to warp to your island.

./island ban (player name): This bans that particular player from returning to your island.

Being able to grow your island: Just to get you started! Edit

With the materials you are given you will be able to make a stone pick, use the ice to make water, and you will have a bucket of lava. With this you can make a successful cobblestone generator and begin to grow your island!

Joining Someone Else's IslandEdit

When joining another players island, you will need to first be invited. They will issue the command of ./is invite (your name). You will in turn issue one of two commands, ./island accept or ./island reject. 

On the island that you join, you will be able to build, break, and open chests. You can use these perms to help your island grow and become amazing!

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