Although the server started as an economy server, many new minigames have been added for your enjoyment. Such games include Boomo, TnTrun, Hunger Games, and Halo.


Booomo is a mini game that is based on Bomberman. You place TNT down which destroys all leaf blocks on the x and z axis with a range equivalent to its power. After it blows up, a new TNT block will appear in the first slot of your hotbar. if the TNT has more than 2 power then it will go through the quartz pillars, so those are not safe to hide behind. If you are within the blast area, you will be killed and knocked out of the game. Last player standing wins! To improve your chances you are going to want to collect power ups on the ground in the form of carpets. Red carpets, when walked over will give you an extra TNT to place down while the other ones you placed down are waiting to blow up. Green carpets give you a speed boost, one level of speed per carpet walked over, which can help you avoid TNT that is placed near you. Finally yellow carpets give you a length boost, which gives you larger range for your TNT when it comes to killing people and breaking leaf blocks.

Tnt RunEdit

TnTrun is a parkour game where you have to try and stay on the top while blocks are falling beneath you. As you run or walk, the gravel and sand blocks fall behind you and you have to parkour around trying not to fall down to the next layer. If you fall down past all of the layers, you are out. Along the way you can pick up powerups/penalty's that give you small amounts of money in game as well as a boost in the game. Some items give you blindness or nausea while others give you speed or double jumps. I'll leave you to figure out which one does which.

Halo Edit

You'll probably recognize the name of this minigame, and won't find it anywhere else. You start with a large variety of weapons used to fight the opposing team. In teams mode, you will either be on the red or blue teams, or go solo in the free-for-all mode! Chuck grenades at the opponents for splash damage, blast them with your gun, or blow them away with your mighty sword or axe.