Kitpvp world


List of different classes


The arena is spilt into five areas. The center is where most people drop into the arena. It contains a small amount of water to heal from fire damage. The nether section, a land of fire and lava, has lots of mountains and a lava lake. The mushroom area has small mushroom houses and mycelium. Players use this as a place to take a quick break from the pvp because it's easy to hide behind the mountain and use the waterfall to remove fire. The desert area is an excellent area due to its openness and flatness. It connects via a tunnel to a large dome and also leads to a mine built by architect NicholasMeep. Lastly, the snow area has a large ice mountain and a lodge. Many players use the vast amount of trees to snipe with their bows. The different levels of snow make it difficult to run. 

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