*NEW* Minecraft Mini-Game BOOM-O! - 1 w Preston & Woofless14:58

*NEW* Minecraft Mini-Game BOOM-O! - 1 w Preston & Woofless

Booomo is a minigame that is based on bomberman. You place TnT down which destroys all leaf blocks within the area after three seconds. After it blows a new TnT block will appear in the first slot of your hotbar. The TnT will not break bedrock, or more then one leaf block in each direction, so those are safe to hide behind. If you are within the area that leaf blocks would be broken, you will be killed and knocked out of the game. Last player standing wins! To improve your chances you are going to want to collect powerups on the ground in the form of carpets. Red carpets, when walked over will give you an extra TnT to place down while the other ones you placed down are waiting to blow up. Orange carpets give you a speed boost, on level of speed per carpet walked over, which can help you avoid TnT that is placed near you. Finally Green carpets give you a length boost, which gives you larger range for your TnT when it comes to killing people and breaking leaf blocks.

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