Atherton Edit

Welcome to Atherton! We are a new and fast growing town with plenty of plots, amazing builds, a public farm, and a nice town spawn. If you want to join or need any assistance, contact any of the town staff.

We're happy to help!

Town Staff Edit

Mayor: Snotrod2000

Co-Mayor: Christiankid100

Assistant: Christostool

Town DetailsEdit

Town Size: 33/244

Bank: 95,761 Meebles (approx.)

Daily Upkeep: 2145.0

Tax: 200

Nation: The MeepCraft Realm

Residents: 13

Town Rules Edit

- No dirt or cobblestone houses

- Don't steal

- No griefing

- 1 plot per resident

- Stay active (if you are inactive for more than 14 days, you will be kicked from the town, unless you alert town staff that you'll be inactive for a while)

- Town VIP costs 15k and lasts for 3 months

News and Updates Edit

{NEWS} - 1/22/15 - Today is Christostool's birthday! Wish him a happy birthday! :D

To-Do Edit

- Make more plots

- Start town shop

- Make roads

Suggestions Edit

If you have any suggestions or questions, /mail any of the town staff or leave a comment below!